Perception Workbook

I mentioned in my Convocation review that I was inspired to work on a Perception Workbook. Well, you shouldn't be surprised that it is already underway. The goal of the workbook is to help develop psychic impressions in a manner that is comfortable for most people just starting out. I firmly believe that what I do is not unique to me and that with plenty of practice, anyone can develop their impressions to the point of it being more than a wiggle in the brain but good information to be used. 

That being said, my methods in the workbook are broad and do not focus on one type of perception but umbrella in an attempt to capture all avenues of subtle input. The exercises are there to give some structure to the process and help build up a pile of experiences to which patterns can be discovered. I'll be honest, it wasn't until after I began to notice patterns in my work that I realized I was truly picking up on information. The more I work at this, the more patterns I spot and the deeper my journey goes. It can be the same for anyone wishing to give this sort of perception a shot. 

The workbook has roughly ten exercises with some information in the beginning covering various perceptions and methods to help get you into a good state to interpret things coming to your mind. I also highly suggest doing some self quiet practices at home so that you know your own personal baseline, or the images and feelings that come to you naturally within your space. It helps to start defining what is you and what is other. More of that in the workbook of course! I am just so excited to share my experiences and methods that helped me.